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Transfer FAQ

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How many credits do I need to transfer to ESU?

Transfer applicants must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA (based on a 4.0 scale), 12 college-level credits, and must be in good academic standing for admission consideration. Applicants with less than 12 college-level credits will be evaluated using a combination of official college GPA, high school record, and SAT/ACT scores for admission consideration.

Certain degree programs have higher admission criteria, as outlined in the ‘Admission to Special Programs’ section.

Is there a maximum number of credits you'll accept?

There is no university-wide maximum. ESU will transfer in as many credits as possible to comparable courses at the university. However, this does not guarantee that the coursework will satisfy your graduation requirements. The academic departments determine how transfer credits are applied to your degree program. To earn an ESU degree, you must complete at least 30 out of the final 45 credits at ESU and 50% of the major coursework must be taken at ESU. Please note, several academic departments have limits on the number of credits that can be transferred and applied towards the degree. These include:

  • Computer Science/Security: maximum of 15 semester credits and no more than 3 semester credits in upper division coursework
  • Media Communication and Technology: 9 semester credits maximum
  • Philosophy: 12 semester credits maximum
  • Psychology: 15 semester credits maximum
Check with the academic department of your intended degree program for the most up-to-date academic information, program content and restrictions.

If you intend to graduate from ESU, you must also satisfy the requirements as stated in the ‘University Requirements’ section of the most recent Undergraduate Catalog.

When will I know how my credits transferred?

With your offer of admission, you will receive an Initial Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE). The Initial 'TCE' will indicate how your attempted coursework with final grades from prior institutions is transferrable to ESU at the time of application review. Coursework in-progress cannot be evaluated until an official transcript with final grades is received and reviewed. Coursework ‘Pending Review’ that requires additional evaluation will be reviewed by the Transfer and Articulation Center. When the evaluation of the pending credits is complete, an updated 'TCE’ will be delivered to the applicant. After you submit the Enrollment Deposit ‘ED’ indicating your intention to enroll, the ‘TCE’ is made available to your academic advisor. Your academic advisor will use the ‘TCE’ information during the advising and course registration process.

What is Academic Passport?

If you are a student at a PA Community College, Lackawanna College or one of the PA State System Universities (PASSHE) and are ready to transfer, Academic Passport is your guaranteed admission to East Stroudsburg University. To qualify you must have a conferred Associate of Arts (A.A.) or the Associate of Science (A.S.) degree from a PA community college, Lackawanna College or at least 12 credits from a Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) University. Students must have a minimum 2.00 grade point average. Students holding the Academic Passport from PA community colleges, Lackawanna College or other State System universities (PASSHE) will transfer credit according to the Board of Governors Policy titled The Academic Passport and Student Transfer Policy.

For more information visit the Academic Passport page.

How are credits evaluated for Transfer?

Nearly all courses taken at a regionally accredited institution are transferrable with the exception of coursework that is developmental, remedial, technical or religious in nature. The academic department advisor of your intended degree program will determine how your transfer credit will apply to your degree program at ESU. At the time of application review, the Office of Admission will review transcripts of all completed coursework with final grades for possible transfer credit. Credit previously evaluated and deemed transferrable is applied to the Initial Transfer Credit Evaluation "TCE". The Initial ‘TCE’ is mailed to the applicant with the Offer of Admission or shortly thereafter (prior to Registration). Credit that has not been previously evaluated will be reviewed by Transfer and Articulation Center who will determine the transferability of those credits, update the student record and send an Updated/Final "TCE" to the applicant. The Updated/Final "TCE" will indicate any additional transfer credit awarded to the applicant.

Are transfer students eligible for on-campus housing?

ESU’s campus housing inventory includes five traditional residence halls, two apartment complexes (University Apartments and University Ridge), and two suite style residence halls.

Campus housing is available for transfer students on a first-come, first-serve basis until spaces are filled. Once spaces are filled, students requesting campus housing are placed on a waitlist. Transfer students interested in campus housing must first pay the Enrollment Deposit (ED) indicating their intention to enroll at ESU. Students will then be notified to complete the Housing Request form, and the Residence Life and Housing Office will contact students as openings occur.

For questions pertaining to campus housing options, contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing, David Campbell at (570) 422-3460 or

What other housing options are there at ESU for Transfer Students?

University Ridge Apartments located just north east of the campus, is student housing community built and designed with the convenience and comfort of the ESU student in mind. The complex offers apartment style campus housing. Our 541 ESU students enjoy scenic views in our picturesque complex looking over the Pocono Mountains. For more information call (570) 422-2400 or visit

If you desire to live off-campus, the Office of Residence Life will assist you by providing a list of available rental units in the area. When local landlords advertise to us that they have apartments/homes/rooms to rent, we compile the list and make it available for interested students. For more info, contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing at (570) 422-3138.

I know you need my college transcripts. What about high school?

If transferring without a conferred Associate or Bachelor degree, an official high school transcript with graduation date or GED score report from the state of issue is required as proof of graduation or the equivalent.

Applicants with fewer than 12 college-level credits completed at the time of application are evaluated using a combination of official college-level GPA/credits; high school record; and SAT/ACT scores for admission consideration. Therefore, you must submit a final school transcript for admission review.

Can I apply on-line?

Definitely! Access our on-line application here.

I attended multiple institutions, do you need all of my transcripts?

Yes. An official transcript is required from all college/university or post-secondary institutions attended even if you do not wish to have the credit considered for transfer. If you are currently enrolled elsewhere, please request the institution send an official transcript listing the in-progress coursework. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the sending institution (your prior institutions) to: Office of Admission, East Stroudsburg University, 200 Prospect Street, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Can I speak with an ESU transfer counselor?

Absolutely! The ESU transfer staff is here to help you.

Walt Lukow, Associate Director for Transfer Admission/Transfer Coordnator, (570) 422-3110 or

Nina Atanesian, Assistant Director for Transfer Admission, (570) 422-3149 or