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Mission Statement

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East Stroudsburg University is one of fourteen State-owned institutions in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education whose mission is undertaken in behalf of those who support it the -citizenry -through their governor and legislature, students and alumni, and other friends who share its commitments.

Vision Statement

ESU will be an innovative and entrepreneurial university-educationally, socially, organizationally, and culturally-with an emphasis on quality and collaboration in everything we provide. As a scholarly community, its faculty, students, staff, administrators, and affiliates will be encouraged to be innovative and to explore opportunities that will constantly energize and improve its mission as a learning community of the 21st Century. As a "university without walls," its sense of community will extend well beyond campus boundaries to embrace ESU’s surrounding communities and region to become a model that other organizations will want to emulate.

Mission Statement

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania will provide:

  • Challenging and contemporary undergraduate and graduate curricula that engage and equip students to critically appraise and apply knowledge in their lives and chosen fields of study.
  • A learning community that promotes diversity and views teaching as the university's primary focus.
  • Varied opportunities for student and faculty research, creative endeavors and involvement in public service.
  • Leadership and service in the educational, cultural and economic development of the region.


  • Achieve Higher Satisfaction, retention and graduation rates in order to increase student success at ESU.
  • Build/create a strong sense of community by understanding and living ESU’s mission and values and by building a commitment to our local community and region.
  • Develop a reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship by creating a curious, inventive and risk-taking culture.
  • Through the work of innovative faculty, help to develop a culture of research and scholarship while rethinking the preparation of successful graduates.

Values Statement

We are committed to the principles of intellectual integrity, freedom of expression, the fair and equal treatment of all, good citizenship, environmental stewardship, and accountability for our actions and the resources entrusted to us.

Purposes and Scope

In pursuit of this mission, East Stroudsburg University seeks to:

  • Offer affordable programs at the associate, baccalaureate, and graduate levels, as well as opportunities for lifelong learning.
  • Offer an intellectually challenging environment which enhances each student's critical thinking and communicative and quantitative skills.
  • Provide resources for creating a learning environment conducive to the pursuit of excellence in areas such as the library, the classroom, laboratories, instructional technologies, and student co-curricular activities.
  • Identify, recruit, and retain students representing a multicultural world who by background, motivation, and commitment can benefit from higher education.
  • Attract and retain a diverse, recognized, and credentialed faculty committed to excellence in teaching and continuing scholarship.
  • Develop a university community committed to personal, professional, and social values appropriate to an educated individual.
  • Provide expertise and service to the community, region, state, nation, and the world.
  • Create opportunities for the university community to develop positive, healthy, and integrated lifestyles.
  • Serve as a primary source of cultural and intellectual programs of importance to students and residents of the region.
  • Maintain a partnership with its alumni to benefit both the alumni and the university.