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Communication (B.A.)

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About the Program

Are you interested in providing public relations for an individual or organization? Do you want to go into broadcasting? Would you like to learn how to deliver an effective speech? or how about analyzing the effects of media on our lives?

ESU’s Department of Communication aims to prepare students for civic participation in an increasingly complex world that requires sophisticated practical, critical, and theoretical understandings of human communication. the coursework and degree programs focus on the history, theory, and critical evaluation of human and mediated communication in the areas of broadcasting, public communication & advocacy, media studies, and public relations.

Department of Communication concentrations are:

The Communication program at ESU offers practical field experiences and frequent interactions with qualified, experienced faculty members.

Communication majors secure employment in a variety of fields after graduation including journalism, sales, advertising, public relations, media development, and broadcasting. Some graduates pursue advanced degrees at the master’s or doctoral level. Several options are available to students majoring in communication studies. four tracks are offered: broadcasting, media studies, public communication & advocacy, and public relations. Students may also choose to minor in communication . Communication Minor (18 credits)

Internship Opportunities

The internship program for communication majors is designed to provide real-world experiences in the field of communication. internships are considered essential in the areas of broadcasting and public relations, but are also helpful in preparing students for many other communication areas. the broadcasting track requires students to take a three-credit internship, but students in all tracks are encouraged to apply for an internship.

Student Organizations

Students may participate in two Department of Communication student organizations: WESS Radio and PRSSA.

90.3 FM WESS is a student-operated, non-commercial, FCC-licensed radio station located on the ESU campus. WESS offers a variety of alternative entertainment and educational programming including a diversified music format, talk shows, Warriors sports, and vintage radio programs.

In 2014, WESS won the prestigious College Radio Woodie Award, presented to the "best student- operated radio station in the country" by mtvU.

The Public relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a professional organization for students looking to excel in the field of public relations. Although many members are communication majors, PRSSA’s student-run public relations firm cooperates with students majoring in other related programs such as art and design, english, digital media technologies and business management. Students who are involved have the opportunity to work with real clients to learn effective time-management skills in the process of developing and implementing PR campaigns.

For more information on WESS and PRSSA, visit and