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Below is a list of common questions students, faculty, and host teachers have about how to do certain tasks in Tk20. Hopefully the tutorials below will be able to guide you step by step as to how to do something. If they do not, please do not hesitate to contact our office or stop by so we can assist you. If you feel there is something you would like to see a video tutorial created for, please let us know!

All User Tutorials:

Logging in for the first time or after a password reset
Basic Tk20 Navigation

College of Education Student Tutorials:

Creating an Application in Tk20 for Primary 1 & 2, Middle Level 1 & 2 and Student Teachers
Uploading any document from your computer to a Tk20 Assignment
Sem 1 Disposition Rubric Checkpoint 3 Self Assessment & Feedback Request
Field Experience Binder tutorial for Student Teachers
Creating a Presentation Portfolio

Instructional Technology Students:

Instructional Technology Portfolio Assignments
Instructional Technology Dispositions Assignments

Faculty Tutorials:

Assessing the Field Experience Binder
Creating Video Assignments

Cooperating & Mentor Teacher Tutorial:

Assessing in the Field Experience Binder