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Orientation and New Student Programs

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Welcome to ESU!

Incoming and newly enrolled students are encouraged to use all of the resources provided through ESU Orientation and New Student Programs. Call, email or visit!

Everything you need to know about Orientation

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New-Student Mentor Program

What is a "Mentor?" Pronunciation: \ˈmen-.tȯr, -tər\ Function: noun

Definition: a trusted counselor or guide, person who aids another in achieving a goal

Synonyms: acquaintance, ally, contact, friend

An ESU New Student Mentor is an upperclass Orientation Leader that will help new students to become familiar with, feel comfortable in, and become active at, their new university environment. Mentors work to enable new students to:

  • Understand and meet the academic responsibilities associated with university-level classes Access University resources
    • Access University resources
  • Wisely manage time at the University level
  • Become involved in productive co-curricular opportunities
  • Build positive relationships with peers, faculty, staff, and the community beyond the University
  • Discover the unique possibilities afforded members of the University community

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BALANCE: Being an Active Learner Among New Collegiate Experiences

BALANCE is a weekly series of workshops that provides students with strategies to successfully navigate university life. Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing research and writing skills
  • Successfully interacting with professors
  • Managing time and stress
  • Effectively taking notes and tests
  • Strategies for retention of textbook material
  • Budgeting and wise use of credit
  • Techniques for choosing a major
  • Developing healthy academic, personal, interpersonal, and social lifestyles

Click here to view a sample of BALANCE Workshops.

Student Enrollment Center

Do you have questions about financial aid, when and how to pay tuition and fees and tuition payment plan? Visit the Student Enrollment Center located on the first floor of Zimbar-Liljenstein Hall, or call toll free at (800)-378-6732 or (570) 422-2800.

Note: The Tile IV code is 00332 for filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Graduate Students

For information about Graduate Student Orientation, contact Kevin Quintero at the College of Graduate Studies, (570) 422-3536.

Additional Programs and Services

You can search our A-Z Index for specific information about your areas of interest.