Credit Transfer and Conditions

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Courses Taught by ESU Faculty Abroad

A course taught by an ESU faculty in another country does not require transferring credits.

In such case, both credits and grades will be posted on the student's records upon the completion of the course.

Important: courses taught by ESU faculty abroad are at all times ESU courses and do not require the transfer of credits.

Credit Transfer for Non-ESU courses taken abroad

When the study abroad experience involves taking courses taught by a non-ESU faculty at a host university, then students need to secure the transferability of credits.

Credits transferred from another institution are processed by ESU (Enrollment Services) with ESU credits and a Pass (P) or Fail (F) grade.

It is the student's responsibility to negotiate before starting the exchange experience that all credits will be approved at ESU once completed.

Negotiating credit transferability involves finding courses at the host university that are equivalent to that of ESU.

The student is responsible for obtaining due approval from the academic departments and the academic Adviser to ensure that all credits taken at a foreign university will successfully transfer to ESU.

This procedure is facilitated by the Credit Transfer Form.

In addition, students who are planning on taking any of the last 32 credits at a foreign university must obtain approval from the respective Dean prior to the academic experience abroad.

This approval is facilitated by the Credit Transfer Form.

To be clear, students who transfer credits from a foreign university will receive a P (Pass) or F (Fail) grade.

Courses approved and passed at the foreign university will not affect the students' Grade Point Average (GPA), whatsoever.

National Student Exchange

National Student Exchange (NSE) exchange works differently.

Students who participate in the National Student Exchange (NSE) program will negotiate course equivalencies just like study abroad students.

However, Students completing a NSE exchange will transfer both credits and grades upon completing an academic semester.

The only exemption will be NSE students who study at a Canadian university.


It is the student's responsibility to request at the host university to send an official transcript to the ESU Office of International Programs for processing credit transfer.

Upon receiving the official transcript from the host university, the Office of International Programs will send to Enrollment Services both the original transcript and the Credit Transfer Form to be posted on the students' academic records.