Student Support Services

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Student Support Services (SSS) works to improve academic performance, increase motivation, and enhance potential for success among college students who qualify for participation.

Program Objectives

  • To assist students so they remain in college and complete a degree with the highest possible GPA.
  • To support students in acquiring basic academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics and in applying skills to the content areas.
  • To guide students in adjusting to the university environment and in developing personal, career, and educational goals.

The services offered to SSS Participants fall within three basic areas:

  • Academic – Seminars/Workshops, tutoring support, academic advising, assessment of individual needs, and progress monitoring.
  • Counseling – Professional and Peer counseling, Career counseling, Financial Aid information.
  • Social/Cultural Enrichment – Opportunities and encouragement to participate in activities that serve to enhance the students' intellectual, cultural, social, and leadership development.

For More Information:

Program facilities are located in the Department of Academic Enrichment and Learning in Rosenkrans East, near the Learning Center.

We encourage you to contact us at (570) 422-3825 for further information about SSS.