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Students in Transition to Academic Realization

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STAR is a Program for Excellence at East Stroudsburg University that promotes academic success and offers comprehensive academic support services to first and second students. The program assists students in making a successful transition from high school to college. The STAR program provides targeted intervention for students through academic advising, social involvement, academic counseling, career exploration, tutoring and program activities that enhance their academic potential.

The STAR program provides access to a variety of services that have been shown to assist students in achieving academic success and graduation from college.

These specialized services include:

  • Mentoring – regular access to a trained peer mentor who can provide assistance with basic college survival skills, adjusting to college life, advice on studying and balancing academic and extra-curricular activities, and assistance in developing academic and career goals
  • Tutoring – priority access to peer and professional tutoring services and Supplemental Instruction that reinforce effective study skills and classroom learning and are strongly linked to academic success
  • Counseling / Advising – regular contact with a professional academic counselor who can provide assistance with academic, social, career, and personal issues, course selection, study skills, and provide referrals to campus resources
  • Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society - the Epsilon Chapter of Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society was chartered on campus in 1993 to recognize the academic achievements of students who have demonstrated outstanding academic progress