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Publicity Submissions

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Publicity Submissions

  • Please submit all annoucements to the Office of University Relations via email to

University Bulletin

Published twice weekly, this publication is distributed campus-wide and shares information regarding meetings, coming events, part-time jobs on campus, faculty, staff and general announcements.

Copy Deadline

The University Bulletin is published twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. Deadline for submission is 10:00 AM on the workday preceding issue date.

Other Important Information When Considering Submissions:

Please submit all announcements to the Office of University Relations via email to

Notices may appear for three consecutive issues only. Each notice is accepted on a one-time basis.

The Office of University Relations reserves the right to edit all materials received.

Notices are not accepted over the telephone.

The University Bulletin is unable to accept submissions related to:

  • Lost and Found (contact University Police)
  • Housing Needs (contact Residence Life)
  • For Sale Items (use authorized campus bulletin boards for such information)
  • Personal Notes (congratulatory notices, rides wanted, etc.)
  • Commercial Advertising
  • Off-Campus Job Opportunities (contact Career Development)