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There are 4 main Committees under the Sustainability Commission of ESU; the Green Outreach Committee, the Recycling committee, the Transportation Committee, and the Carbon Footprint Committee. Monthly meetings are held by each committee prior to the main Sustainability Commission monthly meetings.

Green Outreach Committee

This committee ensures that there are educational aspects to ESU's sustainability efforts. Academic sustainability initiatives look at ways that will ensure there are educational aspects to campus sustainability efforts. The committee is chaired by Paul Lippert.

Recycling Committee

The aim of the Recycling Committee is to encourage the entire campus to participate in recycling efforts in order to minimize waste going into landfills and accomplish the following objectives:

  • conserving energy
  • recovering resources
  • protecting the environment
  • saving on disposal costs
  • promoting responsible resource use through green purchasing, conservation, and smart technology.

The committee is co-chaired by Jeff Hardy and James Maroney.

Transportation Committee

The transportation committee strives to develop and implement innovative, sustainable ideas for improving transportation on our campus within four key areas: 1) Walking, 2) Biking, 3) Transit, and 4) Rideshare. Richard Stoddard chairs the committee.

Carbon Footprint Committee

This committee reviews ESU's overall carbon footprint and examines ways that will help lessen the campus's environmental impact. Syed Zaidi chairs the Committee.