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University Police

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It is important for all members of the ESU campus community – and our visitors – to remember that if you need a police response for any campus emergency, please dial 911 from your cell phone or 9911 from any campus phone to report the situation to the Monroe County Control Center dispatcher.

Moving forward, 9911 (or 911 from your cell phone) will be the only phone number(s) to be used for emergent campus situations. If you wish to speak with an ESU Police Officer after hours or want to call the Police Department for a non-emergency call please dial extension 3064 from any campus phone or (570) 422-3064 from your cell phone.

The Police Department at East Stroudsburg University consists of seventeen armed and trained Police Officers, which includes the Chief of Police who reports directly to the Vice President of Administration & Finance. We also employ one full time and one part time security officer as well as up to 20 student staff.

The Police Officers are commissioned by the Governor of Pennsylvania and have total arrest powers and jurisdiction over the University buildings and grounds, including any branch facilities.

The University Police are not specifically assigned to the residence halls, but the residence halls are part of their patrol area. These officers are available to respond and assist twenty four-hours daily, 365 days a year.

Prior to their Commissioning, officers must complete a minimum of 480 hours of training. All officers must have up to date training in CPR, first aid, and firearms. Additionally, officers attend many out-service training seminars and workshops. Recent seminars focused on leadership, customer service, law updates and personal health and fitness.

The University Police also has two officers trained in sexual assault investigations, two campus crime prevention officers, two officers trained in drug investigations and other specifically trained Officers. The University Police have an emergency aid agreement and work closely with the Stroud Regional Police. In addition, the University Police attend the monthly local law enforcement investigators meeting and have an excellent working relationship with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Reporting Emergencies and Crimes Policy: ESU students, employees, and visitors report crimes directly to the University Police Department, which is located on the campus at 161 Smith Street (ground floor of the new Hemlock Suites). In addition, the University Police respond to any emergency situation including fire, and medical assistance. Each residence hall is equipped with security, fire, and smoke alarms that report directly to the University Police. The University also has emergency phones located outside many buildings and on blue light poles across the campus.

All complaints reported to the University Police are referred to the proper campus department for action or through the criminal justice system. The following crimes covered under the Campus Security Act, which are murder, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, weapon law violations, drug abuse violations, liquor law violations, and sex offenses; when reported are handled through the University Police.

Any sex offences when reported only to a counselor is considered and treated as confidential and not handled by the University Police. However, the counselors on campus do encourage the survivor to report the incident.

The University Police, with assistance from the Vice President of Finance and Administration and the Public Affairs Offices, informs the campus of any matters that concern the safety of the individuals on campus through campus publications, posters, memos, meetings and the local media.