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Websites and Printed Materials of Interest to University Parents & Families

Print Materials

  • 133 Ways to Avoid Going Cuckoo When the Kids Fly the Nest: A Parent's Guide for Surviving the Empty Nest Syndrome
    By: Lauren Schaffer and Sandy Fleischl Wasserman
  • 2,002 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up
    By: Cyndi Haynes (1998)
  • Almost Grown: Launching Your Child from High School to College
    By: Patricia Pasick
  • Bringing Home the Laundry: Effective Parenting for College and Beyond
    By Janis Brody
  • Campus Daze, Easing the Transition from High School to College
    By: George Gibbs (2000)
  • Caring for the Mind: The Comprehensive Guide to Mental Health
    By: Dianne Hales and Robert E. Hales
  • College of the Overwhelmed
  • The Debt-Free Graduate: How to Survive College or university Without Going Broke
    By: Murray Baker (2000)
  • Don't Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money: The Essential Parenting Guide to the College Years
    By: Helen E. Johnson and Christine Schelhas-Miller
  • Doors Open from Both Sides Margo Woodacre
    By: Steffany Bane (2001)
  • An Educated Choice: Advice for Parents of College Bound Students
    By: Frank A. Brock (2002)
  • The Empty Nest: When Children Leave Home
    By: Shelley Bovey 1995
  • Empty Nest, Full Heart: The Journey from Home to College
    By: Andrea Van Steenhouse 2002
  • Empty-Nest Parenting: Adjusting Your Stewardship as Your Children Leave Home
    By: Richard M. Eyre 2002
  • A Family Guide to Academic Advising Smith
    By: Donald C. & Gordon, Virginia N. (2003). National Academic Advising Association, National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience & Students in Transition.
  • A Guide for Families of Commuter Students
    By: Cathie Hatch, Tracy Skipper
  • Guide to the College Years
    By: Helen E. Johnson and Christine Schelhas-Miller
  • Helping Your College Student Succeed: The Parent's Crash Course in Career Planning
    Harris, Marcia B., & Jones, Sharon L. (2007). Career Dimensions.
  • Helping your first-year college student succeed: A guide for parents. South Carolina: The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition
    By: Mullendore, R.H. & Hatch, C. (2000).
  • How to Get the Most Out of College
    By: Nancy Schlossberg and Arthur Chickering
  • How to Help Your Teenager Find the Right Career Charles Shield (1995)
  • How to Survive and Thrive on an Empty Nest: Reclaiming Your Life When Your Children Have Grown
    By: Robert Lauer (1999).
  • I'll Miss You Too: A Parent and Student Guide to Opening Doors and Staying Connected during the College Years
    By: Margo E. Bane Woodacre, and Steffany Bane. Sourcebooks Inc., 2005.
  • In addition to tuition: The parent's survival guide to freshman year of college
    By: Borden, Marian Edelman, Burlinson, Mary Anne, & Kearns, Elsie R. (1995).New York: Facts On File, Inc.
  • The Launching Years: Strategies for Parenting from Senior to College Life
    By: Laura Kastner and Jennifer Fugett Wyatt
  • Lesson: Fable For Our Times
    By: Carol Lynn Pearson & Kathleen Peterson (2000)
  • Let the Journey Begin: A Parent's Monthly Guide to the College Experience
    By: Jacqueline MacKay and Wanda Ingram
  • Letting Go: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the College Years
    By: Karen Levin Cobum and Madge Lawrence Treger
  • Life during college: Valuable Advice & Tips for Success. Virginia: Life After Graduation, LLC.
    By: Ricchini, J. & Arndt, T. (2002).
  • Millennials Go to College: Strategies for a New Generation on Campus by William Strauss
  • Millenials Rising
    By: Neil Howe, William Strauss, R.J. Matson (2000)
  • A new beginning: A survival guide for parents of college freshmen (1998)
    By: McGarry, Kaye
  • A New Chapter: How Parents Fit Into Their Students' Lives at College. 8-page pamphlet published by PaperClip Communications
  • Once My Child, Now My Friend Elinor Lenz (1985) ISBN: 0446328804
  • Organizing a Ground Crew for Today's Helicopter Parents
    By: Coburn, Karen Levin (2006). About Campus, July-August.
  • Parents' Guide to College Life: 181 Straight Answers on Everything You can Expect Over the Next Four Years
    By: Robins Raskin. Princeton Review, 2006.
  • A Parent's Guide to Sex, Drugs, and Flunking Out : Answers to the Questions Your College Student Doesn't Want You to Ask
    By: Joel Epstein
  • The Parent Project: What parents want from the college experience
    By: Turrentine, Cathryn; Shnure, Stacey L.; Ostroth, D. David; & Ward-Roof, Jeannine A.(2000). NASPA Journal, 38, 1, 31-43.
  • Rising Millennials Face Worldview Conflict
    By: Shirley A. Carson
  • She's Leaving Home: Letting Go As Daughter Goes to College
    By: Connie Jones
  • Staying Connected Arnett, Jeffrey (2000). Emerging Adulthood: A theory of development from late teens through the twenties. American Psychologist, 55, 469-480.
  • Students and Their Parents: Where do Campuses Fit in?
    By: Forbes, Karen J. (2001). About Campus, September-October, 11-17.
  • Tuesdays With Morrie Mitch Albom(2002)
  • The Truth About College: 50 Lessons for Parents Before They Start Writing Checks
    By: Will Keim, Will S. Keim (1997)
  • The Ultimate College Survival Guide
    By: Janet Farrar Worthington and Ronald T. Farrar
  • When Hope and Fear Collide: A Portrait of Today's College Student
    By: Arthur Levine (1998)
  • When Kids Go Home: A Parent's Guide to Changing Relationships
    By: Barbara M. Newman and Philip R. Newman
  • When kids go to college: A parent's guide to changing relationships
    By: Newman, Barbara M., & Newman, Philip R. (1992). Columbus, Ohio: Ohio State University Press.
  • Why parents of undergraduates matter to higher education
    By: Ross, Scott B. & Daniel, Bonnie V. (2001). New Directions for Student Services, 94, 1-89.
  • Words to Live By: A Journal of Wisdom for Someone You Love
    Emily Marshall, Kate Marshall (2005)
  • You're on Your Own (But I'm Here if You Need Me): Mentoring Your Child During the College Years
    By: Marjorie Savage 2003