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Women's Center

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The ESU Women's Center is a campus-based women's center established to enhance the academic, cultural, and social experiences for women, and to serve as a forum for political discussion and actions to benefit women.

The Women’s Center Mission: The Women’s Center provides a supportive environment for discussion, knowledge, and programming that celebrates, empowers, and recognizes women and equality for all. Overview of Mission and Goals.

The Women’s Center is located at 411 Normal Street, up the street from Kemp Library on the right.

Monday 10am – 12pm
Tuesday 9:30am – 2:30pm
Wednesday 9am – 12pm

For all other inquiries: or (570) 422-3957

Drop-in Center: This is a space, located at 411 Normal Street.

There you will find a supportive environment where women of all ages, from all parts of the university gather to share common concerns, encourage one another in our joys and struggles, share our knowledge and experience, and advocate for institutional, social, and political change.

Information Center: The Women's Center houses a library on women's issues, including periodicals, books, and an extensive resource file.

Feel free to drop by and browse, borrow books, and/or make copies of articles to use in your academic research and papers for class.

Workshops & Special Programs: The Women's Center sponsors a variety of workshops about issues of concern to women.

Some of the programs in the past include sexual harassment, eating disorders, homophobia and heterosexism, incest, date rape.

Consultation & Crisis Counseling: The Women's Center offers consultation and crisis intervention to individuals and groups.

Counseling is brief and focused on women's issues such as experiences of rape, sexual harassment, incest, or exploration of sexual identity.