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2013 Seca Campaign

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Giving Guidlines

Annual SalaryGiver PledgeAmount Deducted
$15,000$  90.00$  3.46
$20,000$120.00$  4.62
$25,000$150.00$  5.77
$30,000$180.00$  6.92
$35,000$210.00$  8.08
$40,000$240.00$  9.23


SECA provides different options to make a tax deductible contribution to the charity of your choice by using a pledge form. Employees may donate through biweekly payroll deduction or my making a onetime donation.

SECA Enrollment Through ESS

Trigger: An employee wants to participate in the annual State Employee Combined Appeal (SECA). By using the SECA Enrollment form provided on ESS, employees can easily choose their desired charity, up to a maximum of ten charities, and designate the amount to be deducted from each paycheck for each given charity. Access instruction here

Designating Your Gift

There are over 1,300 charities that employees can support through SECA. Every charity has a designation code that must be provided on your pledge form. Space is provided to designate gifts to four charities on your pledge form. If you want to designate more than four charities, please complete a blank pledge form to list the additional designations. Please complete the following sections on the pledge form: First Name, Last Name, Employee ID and Department Code.

Donations through SECA remain anonymous to the charity selected unless a home address is entered into the section entitled "I WANT AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF MY CONTRIBUTION." If an address is entered here, the employee's name and address will be provided to the charity receiving the donation.

If you would like to contribute to the Monroe County United Way, please use the codes below:

Monroe County

4308-0000 United Way of Monroe County
4308-0001 Allied Health Care Services (Burnley Workshop)
4308-0014 American Red Cross, Northeast Pennsylvania Region
4308-0002 Boy Scouts of America, Minsi Trails Councils
4308-0004 Catholic Social Services/Big Brothers Big Sisters
4308-0006 Equi-librium, Inc.
4308-0007 Family Promise of Monroe County
4308-0008 Girl Scouts Heart of Pennsylvania
4308-0009 Pocono Alliance, Inc.
4308-0010 Pocono Area Transitional Housing, Inc. (P.A.T.H.)
4308-0011 Pocono Services for Families and Children
4308-0012 Salvation Army of Eastern PA and Delaware Division

Thank you for your contribution!