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alert To: ESU Campus Community
FROM: President Marcia G. Welsh, Ph.D.
Re: Campus Safety Update

Campus personnel participated in a briefing today coordinated by the Monroe County Emergency Control Center regarding the search for Mr. Frein, the suspect in the recent shootings. There is no new information to share with you at this time. University, local, county and state law enforcement continue to investigate reported sightings and search for the suspect. Authorities ask the general public to remain calm and to go about their daily routine. Nothing about the investigation has changed. There is no credible indication that Mr. Frein is in the immediate vicinity of our campus. ESU remains fully operational and will continue as such unless the authorities instruct us to the contrary.

Additional rumors today were that the suspect was seen in Kemp Library using the computers. Again, there is no truth to these statements. If you hear rumors about the investigation or how it is impacting our campus, please do not make assumptions that the information is true. Contact University Police at 422-3064 and speak with an officer. Also, please keep the following in mind to stay safe:

1) Be aware of your surroundings. If you see a door open that is usually closed in a shed or outbuilding, report it to the police.
2) Keep your car and house doors locked.
3) If you live off campus, keep the exterior of your house or apartment well lit at night.
4) If you hear anything suspicious, do not approach or investigate but instead call 911 or the State Police at 866-326-7256 immediately.
5) Sign up for ESU's emergency text messaging program in order to receive valuable and timely messages in case of any emergency situation (

Campus and Regional Police continue to make rounds on campus and in the community as a precautionary measure. Please know that we will share any critical information related to this case as it concerns ESU immediately via e-mail, the university website and ESU's social media accounts. close