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Student Activity Association

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Mission and Purpose

Mission and Purpose The Student Activity Association, Inc. (SAA) is an affiliated operation of East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania (ESU), which has been established to foster student activities including the development of a responsible student government; to act as a liaison between the students, alumni, faculty and administration; to support various purposes of the University including sponsorship of specific projects and programs; and to engage in activities which further enhance and promote the educational and service objectives on of the University.

It is managed as a self-sufficient enterprise and administered in accordance with policies determined by its Board of Directors. Departments or functions operated under the auspices of the SAA include the University Center, Office of Student Activities, Campus Card Center, Recreation Center, University Bookstore and the Business Services unit.

Information about SAA policies and procedures can be found by clicking the "Student Organizations" tab on the left.

SAA Board of Directors

Mr. Justin Amann - Chairperson
Mr. Mike Ksenich - Vice Chairperson
Ms. Patricia Baylor - Treasurer (Non-voting)
Ms. Ashley Martin - Secretary
Ms. Patricia S. Baylor - Interim Executive Director
Mr. Daniel Hagan
Dr. Faith Waters
Dr. Seewoonundun Bunjun
Ms. Julie Del Giorno
Mr. Kwaku Adjei-Bohyen
Ms. Atiba Khan
Dr. Doreen Tobin (non-voting)
Mr. Miguel Barbosa (non-voting)