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Common Reasons Requests are Rejected

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Approvals: The system will default to a standard email notification to requestor advising that their request has been accepted and will supply then with a work order number.


  • No valid ESU student email address provided.
    • Please re-submit your work request using a valid ESU email address to process and track your request.
  • Incomplete or missing building-room information.
    • Please re-submit your work request and ensure that it contains your building and room information in the drop down menu's to schedule work.
  • Invalid Service Request.
    • This is not a service that is provided by Facilities Management. Please consult with Housing Staff for more information regarding the type of service you are requesting.
  • Lock Changes, Key Requests, and eCard Replacements.
    • Lock changes due to lost or stolen keys must be reported to your Resident Director. Lost eCards can be replaced at the Campus Card Center located in the University Center.
  • Service Request for Area Other Than Student Room.
    • Requests can only be entered into iService Desk for student rooms at this time. To report maintenance concerns in building common areas like stairs, entrance doors, hallways, elevators or restrooms, please contact a Resident Advisor, Desk Receptionist, or your Resident Director. Emergencies should always be reported immediately to a Residence Life Staff Member.