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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why can't students submit lock change and lost key requests through iService Desk?
    • For safety and security reasons, students cannot enter these types of requests directly. These requests may require additional support from a Residence Life staff member and may involve costs and/or billing for the student. In addition, we do not want to encourage students to transmit confidential information or information which may weaken security.
  • Why can't students enter requests for common areas like, hallways, stairs, elevators, and front doors?
    • These types of requests cannot be entered directly by students at this time, but may be considered in the future. The likelihood of duplicate request entry is much higher in "shared" spaces, and for this reason, these requests are exempt from student entry at this time.
  • Who will enter requests for lock changes or key replacements?
    • These requests should be submitted to your Resident Director via the same process they have been handled in the past. Consult with your Resident Director for questions regarding the responsibility for entering these types of requests.
  • Where should I enter requests for other issues in my room, such as cable, internet, or phone?
    • Please refer to a Resident Advisor or your Resident Director on how to communicate these types of requests.