Room Selection

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Click here for a brief tutorial on Room Selection

Room Selection FAQ:

What does the housing application consist of?

The application is made by simply reading the on-line housing agreement, and checking “I agree” at the bottom of the page. Once finished, there will be a tab which takes you to the next step, which is making your housing deposit.

How do I make the application and deposit?

Follow the hyperlink we sent to you to complete the application. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE APPLICATION FIRST, AND THEN PAY THE HOUSING DEPOSIT, IN THAT ORDER.

Do NOT give your log-in credentials to your parents and ask them to do this for you!! Last year many mistakes which resulted in some students not getting housing!!

Make sure when you want to pay the housing deposit, you choose the “deposit” tab, NOT THE “PAYMENT” TAB!

What do I do if I can’t log onto my portal?

If your log-in credentials are not working, please see the Help Desk in Stroud Hall room 303, or call them at 570-422-3789.

How do I choose a roommate?

Follow our email instructions to the MyHousing/MyDining tab on the MyESU portal page. Once you click on the tab, a Navigation Box will appear in the upper left corner. Choose the area that reads “Room Selection” and then “Roommate Selection.” Here you can load in the name and/or ID# of your roommate(s).

I did that but the system doesn’t recognize my roommate…what do I do?

If the system won’t allow you to choose a particular roommate, it is because: A) they did NOT complete the application, and/or the deposit by the deadline, or: B) they are not a current on-campus resident. They must qualify in all these areas or you cannot select them as a roommate.

If I want a four-person suite, do I have to load in three eligible roommates?

Yes, you do. But if those suite unit types are all gone by the time you make your selection, you will need to remove two of the roommates in order to then see available double rooms.

I want a two-person suite with two single rooms in it. How do I choose that?

Since the rooms inside that suite are actual singles rooms, you want to make sure you DO NOT have a roommate loaded, or the system will not allow you to choose a single.

I live in a double and I want my old room back. How can I do that?

“Same Room” day is the first day of sign-ups. But you MUST have a roommate in order to choose a double room!

If the roommate I want did not make the application and/or deposit, can I still choose my same room back?

No, but you may find another roommate who is eligible in order to choose a double room (or wait until noon on the last day of sign-ups).

I made the application and deposit, and put in preferences of where I want to live…am I done?

NO! You must actually CHOOSE A ROOM using the “Room Selection” tab. Your time to choose will appear at the bottom of this page. THE HOUSING DEPARTMENT WILL NOT ASSIGN YOU A ROOM—YOU MUST PICK ONE!

What do I do if I am having trouble with any part of this process?

Please DO NOT call the Housing office and leave a voice mail, or an email. Stop in to see us in person (Hemlock Suites Residence Life and Housing Dept) and we can assist on the spot.