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Additional Fees

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Non–Recurring Fees

  • Undergraduate Application $25
  • International Application $50
  • Graduate Application $50
  • Doctoral Program Fee $1300
  • International Student Verification $560
  • Identification Card (eCard) $20
  • Student Payment Plan $35
  • Bad Check Fee $25
  • Late Request for Schedule $50
  • Late Payment charged at rate of 1.5% monthly

Clinical Services Fee (per semester – Speech Pathology & Audiology)

  • One Client seen one time/week $135
  • One Client seen two times/week $195
Clinical Rotation Fee (per semester - Nursing)
  • $905

Parking Permit Fee

  • $55/semester* for all On-Campus Resident or Commuter lots on campus. Please note that these lots are designated. So, on-campus Residents cannot park in designated Commuter lots and Commuters cannot park in designated Resident lots.
  • $45/semester* for non-core parking lots (such as University Ridge Innovation Center, Mary Street, Gwendolyn Street and Marguerite Street lots).

* Please note that students with less than 60 credits are not allowed to park on campus. Special permission may be requested by contacting the University Police department.