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Preparing for Graduation

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Undergraduates, have you earned at least 85 credits? You should be thinking about graduation!


Please click here for the undergraduate graduation application. Late submission of your graduation application may delay the graduation clearance process and subsequently your degree conferral.

Your "Intent to Graduate" application initiates your graduation clearance process. The Graduation Services Team begins working with your department and college to review and finalize your degree requirements.

Secondary education, double majors, and dual degree students must submit two applications, one to each department.

If you have questions about your double major/dual degree eligibility, contact your advisor or department chairperson as soon as possible.

Department approval is necessary in order to be eligible to participate in commencement, have your name printed in the program, and for the degree to be granted.

Students who will complete requirements for a minor or career concentration, please request verification of completion from the appropriate department to be sent to the registrar for inclusion on the final transcript.

Priority Deadlines to declare your Intent to Graduate for:

  • Fall Graduation August 31st
  • Winter Graduation is August 31st
  • Spring Graduation is TBA
  • Summer Graduation May 30th

Checking Your Degree Progress

The degree audit outlines all of the program and university requirements for graduation. You can access your degree audit through the myESU portal. Please review your degree audit periodically to ensure that you are on track to meet all degree requirements by your intent to graduate date.

Diploma Mailing

Please make sure your address is correct before the end of final exams. Addresses can be updated on the myESU portal. Delivery of your diploma or any other important information is dependent upon correct information. Your diploma must be mailed to an appropriate “street” address. Mailing is done through US postal mail. If diploma is being delivered to a PO Box address, please check with your postal service for delivery procedures.

If you must pick up your diploma due to any mailing problems, you must present photo identification to have your diploma released. Please let us know prior to May 1.

  • If your diploma is being mailed out of the continental U.S., please be aware that receipt of your diploma may be further delayed or not able to be delivered.
  • If you have any holds on your account, your transcript and diploma will NOT be released. Holds are posted to the myESU portal.
  • Diplomas will be released upon clearance of holds on your account. Please notify the Graduation Services Team at (570) 422-2815 or when this hold has been cleared.