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College of Education Scholarships

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The College of Education represents faculty, students, and staff deeply committed to using their expertise to making significant contributions to the world. Each of the programs in the College of Education emphasize a field-based approach, focused on learning theory and the application of those theories through rich experiences in the field. The college also has a wealth of extracurricular activities designed to enhance students' learning outside the classroom and move them along the path of becoming lifelong learners. Teacher education programs at ESU are experiencing an exciting time of growth and change along with a clear commitment to performance assessment and national accreditation.

Departments in the College of Education include Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Media Communications, Professional and Secondary Education and Special Education.

Note to student: the scholarship recipients are selected by the department or committee that is listed at the last line of each description. Please see that department for more information about the scholarship.

Scholarships that are available for the 2015-16 academic year are noted by each scholarship name.