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Prevention and Education

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Welcome to ESU’s Health Education & AToD Prevention Services page.

We strive to provide both education and prevention services regarding responsible student decision-making toward your health and wellness, drinking, tobacco, and other drugs.

Here you will find information on our programming, peer educators and other current initiatives.

In addition to numerous resources available to provide students with further education and prevention information.

The goal of the Health Education & ATOD office is to educate students on responsible decision-making regarding their health and wellness choices and to inform students on current health-related information that will impact their future.

We are a resource for all students, faculty and the community of East Stroudsburg.

Numerous organizations that are part of the ATOD Department contribute to the greater cause, each having their own strategies in educating and preventing students.

Our peer educator teams focus their energy in pushing the department's initiative forward, as well as developing new organizations and connections that may help to achieve the overall goals.

If you need additional information contact our Coordinator, Alyson C. Patascher.