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Travel Grant

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Irina Khusid, Chair of FDR Committee:

(570) 422-3092,

Office of Sponsored Projects and Research:
Christina McDonald, Manager
(570) 422-7954,

Support for travel is available for the presentation of the results of scholarship, conducting poster displays, or artistic performances at any recognized professional meeting at the international/national or state/regional level.

No funds will be given for local meetings.

Please note that it is the presentation that is awarded funding NOT the person requesting funds.

This means that if two or more ESU faculty members are co-presenting a single presentation at the same meeting, the presentation can only be funded once.

The funding limit for national travel is $1,000, and for state/regional travel, the limit is $500.

  • The primary deadline for Spring applications was Dec 2, 2013.
  • The secondary deadline for Spring applications was March 3, 2014.