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American Systems and Installations

American Systems and Installation, Inc. utilizes advanced computer aided design technology to develop custom fabrication solutions for the commercial construction market. American Systems also leverages the latest technology to administer responsive scheduling and develop strategic industry alliances in the custom wood-working.

Checkmate Advanced Technologies Corporation provides advanced hardware, software and technology services to commercial entities, the United States Armed Forces and its Allies through the strategic implementation of data-driven solutions.

eDentified is a powerful people search engine. Given a single piece of information about an individual - an email, username, handle, etc - eDentified's proprietary search algorithms can provide a full profile of that individual's Internet presence and Internet identities. The search system returns results including online aliases, user accounts, email accounts, social connections, comments and media posted over a wide variety of mediums, and other data.

Innovative Educational Resources, LLC recognizes the importance of providing parents, teachers, and school administrators the absolute best in educational materials to support the use of the Spiral Science & Math Manipulative.

As such, we have created an initial series of fun and insightful lessons to demonstrate how the product can be implemented within a teacher’s existing lesson plan or school curriculum. These lesson plans and learning activities can be implemented easily with little preparation to promote scientific inquiry and help build stronger math skills. These lessons correlated to multiple elements of the state and national math and science standards and are intended to improve student outcomes and interest levels.

Integnol offers customized IT solutions for the purpose of integrating IT systems and devices to enable data that can be managed centrally and powerfully. This enables woodworking firms to have full control of metrics and key performance indicators for any part of their business. Integnol's customized solutions help clients understand what to do to improve efficiency, quality and output.

Integrative Wildlife Forensics

Integrative Wildlife Forensics, LLC. (IWF) seeks to develop, manufacture, and market products to individuals in wildlife law enforcement and wildlife management. Currently there is no company that sells products strictly for use in these fields and IWF seeks to fill this market niche with its products.

Marathon Studios, Inc. manages a network of web properties, apps and services used by millions of people around the world every month. We specialize in creating clean, modern applications designed to help make the Web a more useful place for our visitors. Marathon Studios also provides a range of development, design, cybersecurity, and consultation services for clients nationwide. See Jonathan's story here.

PinPoint Solutions, LLC, is an ERP software application development and training company leveraging over 25 years of dedicated experience in ERP software implementation and consulting targeting the small to mid-market company. Pinpoint’s focus is the development of integration and workflow solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies.

The Good Project serves as a trustworthy bridge between remote indigenous groups and the influences of increasing contact from outsiders. The Good Project collaborates with existing Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), social programs, and local government bodies, to provide social services such as humanitarian aid, health care assistance, and access to fair-trade initiatives.

Venture capital consulting company specializing in debt & equity financing for emerging growth business turnarounds, business plan development and consulting.