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Being Burgy is a major personal commitment of one’s non-academic time. Necessary arrangements with work, sororities, fraternities, etc., concerning required activities or expectations of one’s time must be made immediately following selection to the team.

All portions of the Mascot tryouts are closed to the public. Only applicants, current mascots, and selection committee members will be allowed on premises.

Mascot positions are filled on an as-needed basis. Three mascot performers are needed each academic semester.

  1. Students interested in participating in ESU’s Mascot Program must complete EVERY section on the online Mascot Application Form. If you are under 18 years of age, your Mascot Application Form must be accompanied by a note of approval from your parent or guardian indicating their approval to be part of the program. This information should be sent to: ESU Mascot Program, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, Office of University Relations, Reibman Administration Building, 200 Prospect Street, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301.
  2. Applications will be kept on file until the next Mascot Try-Out Event is scheduled. Those selected to audition will be required to report for an interview and performance try-out.
  3. It is suggested that students wear a t-shirt (females may wear a sports bra), athletic shorts, and athletic shoes under the costume for the performance. If your hair is long, it must be put up and secured. Please, no exposed jewelry or body piercings will be allowed.
  4. Mascot performers will be asked to perform a number of movements/actions, some to music and some without music to give the selection committee an idea of what you would bring to being Burgy.
  5. The tryout will include an interview with members of the selection committee.
  6. You do not need to bring anything with you except yourself, the previously mentioned attire, a change of clothing if you desire, a towel, and of course the enthusiasm to give it your all in your try-out as Burgy.
  7. The try-out will conclude in a short meeting with the selection committee with each performer.
  8. After seeing all the performances, all candidates will be contacted within 3 days to be informed if they were successful in being chosen to be Burgy.

Mascot Application Form

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