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Height: 6-foot-6

a few cookies shy of 300 pounds

Date of Birth:
October 4, 2008 at Eiler-Martin Stadium

Eiler-Martin Stadium, the Poconos

Favorite Foods:
Anything sold at a concession stand

Favorite Color: Red & Black

Favorite Music:
Everything from Mozart to the Beatles to the Rolling Stones

Favorite Song:
Warrior Fight Song

Favorite Book: Berenstain Bears

Burgy was adopted as the ESU mascot by students after a sighting of a bear – the gentle giants – during a hiking, biking and kayaking adventure through the Delaware Water Gap. A young bear cub stumbled upon the students’ campsite and rummaged through their clothes and became intrigued with their “camping equipment”, which included all sorts of athletic gear and several Warriors t-shirts.

The students watched the cub and noticed him trying to untangle himself from an ESU athletic jersey. As the cub pulled his head through the opening in the shirt, they observed its physical characteristics – the tousled hair in the shape of a Mohawk, the red and black jersey flowing like a cape as it finally freed itself and look curiously at the students. They immediately took a liking to the cub and fondly referred to it as a young Warrior. Several hours later, a park ranger wandered through the site, distracting the bear visitors and bringing the ESU students back to safety!

News of the ESU students’ adventure quickly spread through campus, and reporters for the student newspaper, The Stroud Courier, set about telling their daring tale. In doing so, the story sparked an idea to create the ideal mascot at ESU – a character that would combine specific elements of the local region with the university’s great strength of spirit. After all, a Warrior mascot of bruin descent would be formidable and could never be troubled by the Crimson Hawks from IUP or Rocky the Lion from Slippery Rock. As a matter of fact, neither the Fighting Scot from Edinboro nor the Millersville Marauder would pose much of a threat to this new ESU Warrior!

In addition to being ESU’s #1 fan, Burgy is representative of all fans – from alumni, faculty and staff to students, parents, and friends of ESU. He makes his home in a den beneath Eiler-Martin Stadium to be near many Warriors events and the great outdoors, and spends quality time at all of ESU’s athletic venues. He doesn’t hibernate during the winter sports season either, instead taking in games in the warm confines of Koehler Fieldhouse.

Burgy makes every effort to attend all athletic events and other special events on campus – and occasionally he’s spotted in the community making guest appearances or helping organizations with a special cause.

Burgy has a unique passion for Education, Athletic Training, Business Management, Physical Education, and all other majors because of his constant interaction with ESU students.

He considers all members of the ESU community to be his extended family members, since he now resides on campus. He’s fond of competition, but makes every attempt to be a good citizen in everything he does.

His theme song is the “Warrior Fight Song”, and he also enjoys all types of music – especially anything he can dance to. Burgy is always upbeat, contagiously outgoing and engaging, and disarms authority figures with the sheer force of his personality.

He passes time between sightings by practicing with the cheerleaders, listening to the marching band practice, visiting all of the great attractions in the Poconos, and making new friends.

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