The War Against Terrorism

(This page was brought about as a result of the catastrophic events which occurred on September 11, 2001 and includes links to sites which deal with all aspects of terrorism)

CQ Press: Recent Terrorism Events: Background and Context
"This Web site provides material from a variety of CQ Press sources relevant to the issues. Sources include encyclopedia articles, such as Jihad and Theocracy; three issues of The CQ Researcher offering in-depth studies on Combating Terrorists, Islamic Fundamentalism and the Middle East Conflict; and more.

Milner Library (Illinois State University)

SUNY College at Morrisville
This web resource was created in an attempt to bring together in one site, information at many governmental levels (federal, state, local, and international) concerning the recent terrorist activities against the United States.

The Virtual Acquisition Shelf and News Desk
(Includes info on several Congressional research Service Full-Text reports on terrorism, foreign policy, etc.

Speech and Transcript Center
(Speeches/statements U.S. and foreign leaders. Transcripts of press conferences, etc.

Current Awareness Using Streaming Media
Watch/Listen to broadcasts from around the World

World Trade Center - New York - Some Engineering Aspects

Attack on America in Context
- LexisNexis, the fee-based legal information service, is offering at no charge "relevant content from its deep archive of news and legal, legislative and business information to assist people in their jobs and lives with the ongoing after-effects of the tragic terrorist events of Sept. 11." In addition to these current events, coverage includes background material on terrorism, terrorist groups, and Osama bin Laden; information about the World Trade Center (including lists of businesses with addresses in all of its seven buildings and summaries of selected legal cases resulting from the 1993 attack on it); the proposed Victims of Terrorism Act; and more.

News Attack on America: Tuesday 11 September 2001
- In the categories Newspapers, Television, Radio, Photo & Video, Graphics & Interactive Media, Talk about it, For Survivors, Government, Other Links, Hijacking Suspects, Ready Reference, Transportation, News For Librarians..., NATO Treaty, Hoaxes & Scams, NYC Office Space, and Helping Children Cope, this page from librarian Michael Sauers contains facts and links that are enormously useful for helping with reference questions about the terrorist attack and its aftermath. In addition, he's posted images of the front page photos from newspapers around the world. At this time, the page does not work in some versions of the Netscape browser.

News Hot Topics: Terrorist Attacks on the U.S., September 11, 2001
- This special presentation from Hot Topics covers the terrorist attacks which destroyed New York's World Trade Center and collapsed part of the Pentagon Building in Washington D.C. on September 11, 2001. Maps show the locations where the four hijacked commercial airplanes crashed. Photographs, with their captions, captured the shock, fear, and devastation that followed. For a complete coverage on the tragedies, see the list of links available from the media, government officials and agencies, and many others. From The Evergreen State College Daniel J. Evans Library (Olympia, Washington). See also Tara Calashain's page at ResearchBuzz for people locators, donation sites, and more.

News Special Coverage: America Attacked
- Extensive recources from FindLaw. Documents includes President George W. Bush's statements; Congressional, NATO, and other resolutions regarding the attacks; and reports and statistics from many government agencies as well as the RAND Corporation and the Hoover Institution on international terrorism and asymetric warfare. Laws covers terrorism, sabotage, espionage, and war powers; Cases includes United States v. Usama bin Laden. Contact Info links to airline, survivor and missing persons, charities, and New York City information. There are also extensive photos and video files.