Print from PACS
  1. Requires a valid ESU e-card.
  2. Display what is to be printed on the screen.
  3. If your display is in the Internet Explorer Browser, click on "print" from the "File" drop-down menu. A print interactive menu-box will appear.
  4. If your display is from one of the databases, use the print function within that software.
  5. If your display is in Adobe Acrobat, click on the Adobe print icon. A print interactive menu-box will appear.
  6. When the printer box is displayed, click the "print" button.
  7. To Print, you must know your PAC name. The name of the PAC is the number located on the PAC itself. For example, the name of the PAC you are using could be: PAC0PAC0PAC0PAC0etc.
  8. The following steps are carried out at the monitor between the two printers:
    1. Swipe your ESU e-card in the card reader.
    2. Highlight the job you want printed (Jobs are queued based on PAC name.)
    3. Click the print icon in the lower right corner of the monitor. (Notice the blinking arrow on the monitor.)
  9. The monitor indicates which printer will print your job.