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Kemp Library - Pathfinder - News

The selection, evaluation, and the placement of print and web resources for this Pathfinder is the intellectual property of Professors Mary Kay Lavelle and Patricia J. Jersey.

Newspapers are often overlooked as excellent sources of information. They are especially invaluable when tracking a breaking news story. Newspapers are considered primary sources of information, since they give eyewitness accounts of news stories and track historical events as they actually happen.

It is important when looking up any information in a newspaper or on an online news service that you can pinpoint the date that an event has occurred. To do this you can use a variety of reference tools. Among these reference tools are almanacs and encyclopedias. Always consult an almanac, encyclopedia or other pertinent reference works to establish an exact date(s) and the spelling of an individual's name if you are uncertain.

Almanacs, Handbooks, Yearbooks (In Kemp)
Business News
Campus Newspapers
Directories (In Kemp)
Editorial Opinion/Columnists/Editorial Cartoons/Comics
Entertainment News
Guides and Bibliographies/Retrospective (In Kemp)
Health News
Indexes (In Kemp and on the web)
International Newspapers/Periodicals
Internet, News and Syndicate Services
New Jersey Broadcast Media
New Jersey Newspapers
New York Broadcast Media
New York Newspapers
News Search Engines and Portals
News Sources by Selected Categories
Pennsylvania Broadcast Media
Pennsylvania Newspapers
Political News
Science News
Special Collections (In Kemp)
Sports News
TV/Radio Based News Services & Programs
U.S. & Canadian Newspapers
Weather News