Off Campus Database Access
For remote access issues, please notify Leslie Berger (570-422-3597)

What do we mean by remote access?
Remote access, remote authentication or off-campus access are terms that refer to logging in to our database services from a computer that is not connected to the East Stroudsburg University network.

How do I access subscription databases if I am not using a networked computer or am trying to work from an off campus location?
Be sure that you are using the links on the Kemp Library Database web page to access these databases.

Select a database to search and you will be taken to an authentication (logon) screen.

There are two ways to log in:

  1. You may use your last name and Library Barcode or Identification. This is your 9 digit eCard number (older 15 digit cards use last 9 digits only).
  2. You may use a Username/Password login. Simply select East Stroudsburg from the drop down list and enter your normal ESU login information.

Tips and Tricks

Type slowly! Most mistakes occur from typing errors.

If you cannot remember your username/password contact Academic Computing.

If you have checked your typing and reentered all required information, but are still denied access it could be a network problem. Please wait and try again at a later time. If you are still denied access there may be a problem with your barcode or patron account. In that case contact Professor Leslie Berger (570-422-3797). Please indicate the nature of the problem, which database you were attempting to access and when appropriate, the text of any error messages.

What if I don't have an ecard?
Even if you don't have an ecard, a number has been assigned to you. If you are a currently registered student, a faculty member or part of the ESU staff, this number should be active. You can obtain your barcode by emailing Leslie Berger or Marleen Dymond (570-422-3708). Please provide your complete name, a current permanent mailing address and your phone number so that we can verify your information in our patron file. We will email your barcode information to you. We encourage all registered students to obtain a University ecard. These are available through the Campus Card Center located in the University Center. For additional information go to the Campus Card Center Web Page.