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What is the enrollment of the university?
In Fall of 2013, there were 6,778 students enrolled. 6,186 of those were undergraduate students and 592 were graduate students. The full-time enrollment (F.T.E. enrollment) was 6,123. Of our overall students, 55.9% are females and 75.2% are Pennsylvania residents.

How many under-represented students are enrolled at East Stroudsburg University?
In Fall 2013, 9.8% of students were Hispanic, 9.0% were African American, 2.0% were Multiracial, 1.4% were Asian, 0.3% were Pacific Islander, and 0.2% were American Indian or Alaskan Native. 12.1% of students were an unknown race or ethnicity, while 1.3% were international students.

How many students live on campus?
In Fall 2013, 2,732 students resided on campus in the dormitories or in the University Ridge apartments.

How many freshmen enrolled in the fall?
In Fall 2013, there were 1,212 new freshman enrolled. This includes any freshman who started during the summer and returned in the fall.

How many faculty & staff are employed at East Stroudsburg University?
In Fall 2012, there were 677 full-time employees and 152 part-time employees at East Stroudsburg University. Of these, 291 were full-time faculty and 45 were part-time faculty.

What are the graduation rates for East Stroudsburg University?
Approximately 58.3% of East Stroudsburg's entering freshmen graduate within six years. This is based on a three-year average for the 2004 through 2006 freshman cohorts.

How many degrees did East Stroudsburg University award in the 2012-2013 year?
In 2012-2013 there were 1,240 Baccalaureate and 284 Master's degree awarded.

How many degree programs are available at East Stroudsburg University?
East Stroudsburg offers degrees in 57 undergraduate programs and 23 master's degree programs.

What are the most popular undergraduate degree programs at East Stroudsburg University?
The degree programs with the highest enrollments are business management, biological sciences, psychology, exercise science, criminal justice, and athletic training.