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Program Level Assessment Workgroup

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The purpose of the Program Level Assessment Work Group is to focus on the development and assessment of program-level Student Learning Outcomes for all undergraduate programs as well as for appropriate student services and programs offered through Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

This workgroup emphasizes and supports direct measures of student learning. Assessments are carried out by the academic departments and by Student Affairs and Enrollment Management offices. Oversight for the academic programs is provided by each academic college. Oversight for student services and programs assessment is provided by the corresponding division.

The group has created a manual for faculty and staff that provides a systematic process for the review, development, and evaluation of program level student learning outcomes. View it by clicking the link below.

Annual Program Assessment Reports

Each major program (undergraduate and graduate) is required to submit to their Dean and the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment an Annual Program Assessment Report. Due dates are as follows:

October 1: All unaccredited undergraduate programs

December 15: All undergraduate programs with disciplinary accreditation and all graduate programs

Please see the Templates and Forms page for report templates and the evaluation rubric used by this workgroup.

Program and Department Assessment Guidebook


Adam McGlynn (Leader) APSCUF, Social Studies
Debra Ballinger College of Health Studies, Faculty of Human Performance
Douglas Friedman APSCUF, Business Management
Justin Potts Intercollegiate Athletics Coaches
Mike Jochen Graduate Coordinator
Suzanne Fischer Prestoy APSCUF, Health Sciences
Thomas Tauer Associate Provost
Eugene Galperin College of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Science

Workgroup Minutes

2012-2013 Academic Year

2012-2013 Academic Year

2011-2012 Academic Year