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University Assessment Committee

The University Assessment Committee (UAC) of East Stroudsburg University was established in late Spring 2008. The UAC is the result of the merging of an APSCUF-elected outcomes assessment committee and a Provost-appointed assessment committee. Both committees were established to develop and implement methods for assessing student learning outcomes and then analyze and apply the findings to enhance student learning.

The UAC approved bylaws in April 2011 stating the UAC's charge is to:

  • Review and continuously monitor university-wide assessment programs and their activities;
  • Conduct university-wide assessments and support the assessment efforts of other university constituencies;
  • Issue a biennial status report to the university community;
  • Identify and recommend structured appropriate assessment-related professional development opportunities for the university community to support the assessment of university programs.

UAC Charges: A brief description of the UAC's communication guidelines, workgroup charges, and structure.

These bylaws were amended in September 2014 to reflect changes in membership guidelines. The current membership of the UAC was established to allow broad representation of university constituencies.

The UAC is approaching its work through work groups. These work groups focus on the following areas:

Click here for access to UAC Share Point Site.

2014-2015 Academic Year Minutes:

2013-2014 Academic Year Minutes:

2012-2013 Academic Year Minutes:

2011-2012 Academic Year Minutes:

2010-2011 Academic Year Minutes:

2009-2010 Academic Year Minutes: