Orientation Schedule

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At orientation, you will meet your new classmates and upper class student orientation leaders who will guide you through your transition to ESU.

Be sure to keep for your records, the correct dates of the orientation session for which you register.

Freshmen will be introduced to...

University degree and program-of-study requirements…receive advising…receive their first-semester class schedule…connect with faculty members…and discover opportunities for involvement in campus life,

Be Familiarized with...

University technology…requirements regarding student records, student accounts, and financial aid…receive information about ESU services and programs…and learn how to navigate responsibilities as an ESU student,


A student e.card (ID card)…participate in 2 days of sessions and activities with an evening program at the end of Day 1 that past orientation students have rated as outstanding. Students who will reside on campus will experience living in the newest residence facility, Hemlock Suites.

Transfer Students will participate in...

A 1-day orientation. We know that transfer students have college experience elsewhere; however, ESU’s orientation will provide necessary information and transition assistance that is critical to success specifically at ESU. If transfer students prefer to participate in a 2-day orientation with freshmen, they are welcome to do so.

Students other than freshmen and transfers that have satified the advance registration deposit may choose to attend:

A 2-day freshman or a 1-day transfer orientation, based upon their needs.

*Parents are invited to orientation:

During the June and July sessions, and most parents will attend. Parents in the past have said that they did not know how important parent orientation sessions would be, and they were pleasantly surprised at the critical information and transition assistance it provided for them. Students and parents attend some parts of orientation together, and they attend other parts separately.

It is recommended that:

Orientation attendance will be limited to students and *parents. In addition to space limitations, information presented at some sessions may be unsuitable for participants other than students and parents, particularly younger siblings. We encourage you and your parents to stay focused on the informative and interactive benefits of Orientation.

June (Freshmen)

Session 1: 13th - 14th (Thursday - Friday)

Session 2: 17th - 18th (Monday - Tuesday)

Session 3: 20th - 21st (Thursday - Friday)

Session 4: 24th - 25th (Monday - Tuesday)

Session 5: 27th - 28th (Thursday - Friday)

July (Freshmen)

Session 6: 1st - 2nd (Monday - Tuesday)

Session 7: 8th - 9th (Monday - Tuesday)

July (Transfers)

Session 8: 11th (Thursday)

Session 9: 12th (Friday)