Non–Matriculation Policy

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A non-degree student is one who is permitted to take courses at the university but is not admitted to the university or to any degree program.

The following individuals are typical of those who would enroll as non-degree students:

  • Those who wish to take courses for the purpose of personal enrichment and/or to improve their academic standing prior to gaining admission as a degree student, either at ESU or elsewhere.
  • Students enrolled in degree programs at other colleges or universities may enroll as non-degree students at ESU in order to earn credits to transfer to their home institution. Check with your home institution regarding the process for transferring ESU credits.
  • Applicants who have been denied admission as degree-seeking students may enroll as non-degree students upon approval of the Director of Admission.
  • High school students who wish to enroll for courses while also attending high school should also enroll as non-degree students. Highly motivated students with a minimum average of B or higher in a college preparatory program may be recommended to the University by their guidance counselors. Students with less than a B average but who have demonstrated a particular skill or talent in a given area may be recommended by their counselors to pursue coursework in that area. Contact the Director of Admission at (570) 422-3542 before applying.

Class registration is on a "space available" basis. That is, non-degree students may sign up after all other degree-seeking students have had the opportunity to register. Therefore, the following registration periods are available:

  • For Spring 2013 Semester (January): November 19, 2012 through January 28, 2013-the day classes begin.
  • For Summer 2013 Sessions: Contact the Continuing Education Office concerning Summer registration (570) 422-2871.
  • For Fall 2013 Semester (August): April 23, 2013 through August 26, 2013- the day classes begin.

**If you have a bachelor's degree and wish to take graduate courses on a part-time, non-degree basis, please do not complete this application. Contact the Graduate School at (570) 422-3536 for information about graduate courses. The Graduate School is located in Zimbar-Liljenstein Hall Room #154.

Housing is not available on-campus for special (non-degree) students. Contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing at (570) 422-3460 for information regarding off-campus housing. The office is located on the first floor of the Shawnee Hall.

Non-degree students are not eligible for any financial aid including veteran's benefits. If you have questions concerning financial aid, contact the Center for Enrollment Services (570) 422-2800. The Financial Aid Office is located in the Center for Enrollment Services at Zimbar-Lijenstein Hall.