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Application Process

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We're delighted to have you as an applicant to East Stroudsburg University! You probably have a question or two for us before you begin, though, so let's answer some basic ones.

Who Can Apply?

We consider you a freshman applicant if:

  • East Stroudsburg University is the first college or university you will attend; and
  • You are a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or non-resident alien.

Please note that if you participated in a dual enrollment program during high school with a local college, you are still considered a freshman applicant.

When Can I Apply?

You should apply early in your senior year of high school.

The deadlines are:

  • Fall admission: May 1, 2017 -“After May 1, admission applications are considered on a space-available basis.”
  • Spring admission: January 15, 2018

This may seem like a long window in which to apply, but we recommend that you submit your application and all documents by the end of December for fall applicants. Space in our entering classes fill quickly.

How Can I Apply?

It's simple! All you need to do is complete an application and submit a few additional documents for our admissions counselors to review. See the checklist below.

Application Checklist:

  • Complete the online application, including a non-refundable $25.00 application fee
  • Submit your official high school transcript—just ask your guidance counselor to send it our way! If you have a GED (General Educational Development) equivalency degree, you must have the test results sent directly from the state of issue to the Office of Admissions. If you've already graduated high school but not attended college, please be sure that your transcript verifies your graduation.
  • Submit your SAT-1 and/or ACT scores for the following majors ONLY:
    • Biology: Pre-Med - Biology: Pre-Physical Therapy
    • Biology: Pre-Physician Assistant - Computer Science
    • Computer Security - Mathematics (all concentrations)
    • Medical Technology - Pre-Nursing
    • All other programs are SAT Optional.

Please do not send letters of recommendation or essays with your application. They will not be considered or reviewed. Let your application speak for itself!

Simple, right? For your convenience, you can keep track of your application status online throughout the whole process. More information on how to do this will be sent once you submit your application.

If you are accepted and plan to attend ESU, you must submit your final high school transcript with your graduation date posted. Your school's guidance office can take care of this for you, but make sure you remind them!

*If you completed the SATs prior to March 2016, your score will be converted via a College Board Concordance Table to the “new” SAT. Curious about how your score will translate? Check out the College Board provided Score Converter.

When will I hear back about my application?

East Stroudsburg University follows a "rolling admissions" policy, which means that completed applications are usually evaluated within a four week time frame. Again, we recommend that you apply early, from August to December of your senior year, before our class is filled.

Please follow the process of your application by checking your status and to see if:

  • Your contact information is correct
  • All required documents have been received
  • Your file is ready for review—if so, give us four weeks to evaluate your application—or if a decision has already been made.

You will hear from us via the USPS with an admission decision no later than:

  • Early December for Spring admission
  • Mid-April for Fall admission

We look forward to reviewing your application!