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Student Life at ESU

How many students attend East Stroudsburg University?

Last academic year, there were 6,355 undergraduates and 588 grad students attending ESU.

How diverse is ESU’s campus?

It’s difficult to capture and quantify something like diversity on our campus, because every student, faculty, and staff member at ESU adds something individual to campus. Still, 16% of our students come from racially diverse backgrounds. We’ve got a thriving exchange program with sister schools all around the world. Last year, we hosted students from 30 other states and 25 foreign countries.

How big are the classes?

In the 2014-2015 academic year, the average class size was 35 students. With recent budget cuts, our classes have grown slightly larger, but exact numbers will not be available until later in the year. Our Student to Faculty ratio in Fall 2015 was 24 to 1.

I was an athlete in high school—can I play at ESU?

Yes—in addition to our 20 NCAA Division II athletic teams, our student-run Recreation Center hosts intramural leagues.

What kind of clubs do you have?

We have over 100 student organizations, from Greek life to honors programs to multicultural, social, and major-specific organizations. That’s not counting the plays, concerts, and university-sponsored trips to New York and Philadelphia available for students, faculty, and staff.

Are there computer labs? Do they have printers? How many printer pages are we allowed per semester?

Yes, we have 14 computer labs around campus, accessible to any student resident or commuter with an ESU account. Every residence hall has a lab as well. Each is equipped with a printer with unlimited pages for printing. Some labs have scanners and other equipment too, so there’s no need to bring half the electronic store to college.

Housing at ESU

Is there housing available for freshmen?

Absolutely! In fact, incoming freshmen are guaranteed housing at ESU, as long as they submit their Enrollment Fee by the deadline. Check out Residence Life and Housing to learn more about our options on campus, including traditional halls, suite housing, and University Apartments and University Ridge for upperclass students.

Can I pick my roommate?

Yes! You can request a specific roommate on your on-line housing application, and that student must request you as well. If you do not have a specific request, you can answer a short matching survey on your on-line housing application.

Do you put students in triples?

In addition to Shawnee Hall which is all permanent triple sized rooms, and six triple sized rooms in Lenape Hall, incoming freshmen are sometimes housed in temporary triples depending on the size of the incoming class.

How many students live on campus?

Currently, there are approximately 2,300 students who live on-campus. As students continue their education, many choose to live off-campus. About 75-85% of our freshmen live in on-campus residences for their first year.

Applying to ESU

This all sounds great! How can I apply?

Apply online.

Do you accept the Common Application?

No. Our application is a Multi-University Application with the other 13 PA State Schools which will pre-populate your information throughout the application.

Do you have an application fee?

We require a small, non-refundable processing fee of $25 per application, either by electronic check or credit card. The option for payment is available at the very end of our online application.

What do I need to apply?

All you need to submit is the completed online application, the application fee, an official high school transcript, and your SAT and/or ACT scores.

How do I apply with an application fee waiver?

If you have an application fee waiver, you have the same application process as any other applicant. The only difference is that you have one extra document to fax (570-422-3933) or mail to us: the waiver. We will then provide you with a fee waiver code to enter instead of a payment when you submit your application. Don't forget to also send in your transcript and SAT and/or ACT scores.

What are your requirements for admission? What do you look for?

There are no set requirements for admission. However, you should be aware that your high school GPA and your performance on the SAT and/or ACT exam are extremely important components of your application. Look at our Planning Guide for more information on what you can do to be a competitive applicant. Our average SAT test score of accepted students is a combined 1000 on the math and critical reading sections 'and' the average high school GPA of our accepted students is a 3.0.

Do you have any language requirements?

Again, we set no requirements for our applicants. Competitive students, though, will often have at least two years of the same language on their high school transcript.

Do you use the writing portion of the SAT exam?

Admissions does not consider the writing portion of the SAT for entrance to ESU, but don’t ignore it—if you decide to attend, the English Department uses the score for placement in your freshman-level English course.

Do I have to submit essays? What about letters of recommendation?

No! In fact, we urge you not to submit any documentation other than your application, high school transcript, and SAT and/or ACT exam scores.

I haven’t finished my online application, but should I send in my test scores and my transcript anyway?

Yes, we will match up your documents to your application or vice versa. Please make sure you use your official legal name on your application so it matches your transcripts and test scores.

I’ve finished the online application—what do I do next?

Great! You must send in the other supporting documents before we can evaluate your application. Ask your guidance counselor to send in your official high school transcript to our Admission office. If you don’t have your SAT or ACT scores on your transcript, have the testing agency send an official scoresheet directly to our office. Once these documents are in, we can review your application.

How can I track my application?

Once submitted, you can keep tabs on your application online. There, you can see when your other documents are received by the office and learn when a decision has been made.

How will I receive my admission decision?

Decisions are made no later than four weeks after the application is complete. This means that we will not consider an applicant until the transcript and official SAT and/or ACT scores are submitted. A letter will be sent via USPS to the applicant with the final admission decision.

When are the application deadlines for freshmen?

We encourage you to apply by early in your senior year of high school, preferably by the December break.

Spring 2017 admission: November 15, 2016
Fall 2017 admission: May 1, 2017