Registration Information

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Who May Register for Summer Courses

  1. Currently matriculated East Stroudsburg University students in good standing.
  2. Students matriculating at other colleges and universities and in good standing.
  3. High school graduates who have been offered admission to East Stroudsburg University for the coming academic year, who wish to begin their study during the summer.
  4. College graduates who wish to take classes that may count toward teacher certification or for personal enrichment.
  5. Students who have been offered admission to the graduate school for the coming academic year.
  6. High school students are permitted to register for summer courses at the 100 and 200 levels. It is the student's responsibility to check for any necessary prerequisites. We encourage high school students to consult with their guidance counselors prior to registration to ensure they can meet the rigor of an accelerated college level course. These individuals are considered non-matriculating students for the summer ONLY. For admission to the regular fall or spring semesters, students must contact the Office of Admission at 570-422-3027.
  7. High school graduates who wish to enroll for summer courses ONLY. These students are considered as non-matriculating students. For admission to the regular fall or spring semesters, students must contact the Office of Admission at 570-422-3027.
  8. Eligible senior citizens are invited and encouraged to enroll in academic courses, tuition free, as space is available.

Summer Sessions Credit Hour Load

Undergraduate or graduate students may take a maximum of 15 credits during the summer. A maximum of nine credits of Home Study courses may be counted toward the minimum 120 credits required for graduation. A maximum of six credits may be from one department.

Exceptions to the workshop credit hour load may be approved by the Graduate School Dean.

Registration Procedures

Registration consists of the following steps:

  1. Students registering for Summer 2013 courses are required to pay a $100 advanced tuition deposit two weeks prior to the course start date.
  2. If you are currently a student at ESU or have taken courses at ESU in the past, you may register on-line using your ESU pass phrase.
  3. If you have never been enrolled at ESU or you are a student at another institution, you can fill out a summer application online.
  4. Summer session applicants are encouraged to submit their applications by May 1 for all sessions. Applications, however, will be accepted up to the first day of classes in each session.
  5. Students can access the Summer Session information
  6. Please note you will be notified immediately if the course is closed. The only confirmation you receive will be your bill, which will include your schedule. Please refer to the beginning of the catalog for the dates that bills will be mailed.
  7. Internships must be registered through your supervising professor.