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Short-Term & Summer Study Abroad Programs

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East Stroudsburg University is excited to announce international programs for Summer 2014 in the following locations: Spain, Costa Rica, St. Croix, and Turkey.


  • Date: May 23 - June 18
  • Credits: 3 or 6
  • Courses: MLSP 231 Spanish for Travelers, MLSP 444 Cultural History of Spain

This program is intended for Spanish majors and minors or any student interested in learning Spanish or about Spanish culture. The significance of this program is to expose ESU students to the Spanish world, make them better global citizens, and improve their Spanish language and cultural skills.

The program will offer three courses and students will be allowed to take up to two courses. One of the courses will be taught by a faculty member from the University of Cordoba, providing our students with a rare opportunity to explore and learn about university life from the perspective of Spanish students, to understand the difference and similarities between American and Spanish students' university experience, and to immerse themselves into the student life of a typical Spanish student.

For more information, contact the faculty leader, Dr. Esther Daganzo-Cantens at 570-422-3199.

Costa Rica: Global Public Health

  • Course: HLTH 573 Global Health
  • Credits: 3

This is a 3 credit course titled Global Public Health during the summer pre-session. The 2014 program will mark the program's 10th consecutive year. Participating students will spend 10 days in San Jose, Costa Rica studying the political, economic, and cultural determinants of global health.

While in Costa Rica, students also analyze the nation's health care system. The course is coordinated with the public health program at Universidad de Iberoamerica (UNIBE), a major Costa Rican university located in San Jose. The course is open to graduate and undergraduate students (juniors and seniors). The course will include lectures daily lectures as well as field placements in hospitals, clinics, and public health programs.

For more information, please contact via email Dr. Alberto Cardelle or via telephone (570) 422-3425.

St. Croix, Virgin Islands: Psychology and Service Learning

  • Date: May 19 - June 9
  • Credits: 3
  • Course: PSY 306 - A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Behavioral Therapy

The course is imparted partly at ESU and partly on-site in St. Croix during summer pre-session.

The program is oriented to advanced Psychology majors.

For the on campus portion, the course meets for about 18 hours for intensive instruction on behavioral therapy and an overview of major theories used to compare cultures.

Following, participants travel to St. Croix and tour the island for two days with focus both on social service delivery systems and historical sites.

Students then work with a not-for profit agency that provides psychology services and therapies to the community.

Students also keep a journal and write a reflection paper on cultural similarities and differences they observe in the therapy setting and in day-to-day activities on the island.

For more information, please contact Dr. Rick Wesp via email or telephone (570) 422-3750

Turkey: Global Media and Advertising

  • Dates: July 14 - August 11
  • Credits: 3
  • Courses: CMST 348 Media Criticism

This program is open to all ESU students in good standing. This summer travel program is based at Anadolu University in the city of Eskisehir. The itinerary includes tours of ancient ruins, as well as trips to Ankara and Bursa. The program will conclude with three days in Istanbul.

Dr. Zeytinoglu will teach CMST 348 Media Criticism. This course develops a variety of methods for analyzing both the functions and the products of mass media. After examining the cultural contexts in which the media operate, the course will establish important critical methods and offer opportunities to apply these methods in critical practice. This course particularly will address and investigate the media and politics relationship around the case of the political activism during the summer of 2013. Prerequisite for the course can be waived if needed.

For more information please contact Dr. Cem Zeytinoglu at

Other programs

In addition to ESU faculty-led programs, students can study abroad through ESU affiliate institutions.

ISEP offers many interesting opportunities for ESU interested in studying or completing internships abroad.

Programs imparted in English are available in Estonia, Finland, India, Italy, Korea and Thailand.

In addition, students can go abroad and study in a foreign language. Some of these options include Chile, China, France, Germany, Japan and Mexico.

For more information, please visit the ISEP Summer Program website

Featured ISEP summer programs:

PASSHE Universities

In addition, ESU as a Member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), allows students to participate in any of the faculty-led programs sponsored by any of the PASSHE universties.

Some program-specific restriction may apply.