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Documentation Guidelines

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The Office of Disability Services asks that individuals requesting services (accommodations and/or access) to complete the self-disclosure and request for services form. Please include a description of your disability, the disability’s likely impact on your educational experiences and the successful use of accommodations.

Supporting documentation can include medical records, psycho-educational testing, school records that specify the impact the disability has on physical, perceptual, cognitive, and behavioral activities, and/or past records of accommodations and services.

Documentation can be valuable in the deliberative process of providing accommodations and/or access to the educational environment. Current documentation can support the impact of the condition(s) over time and in differing environments.

Helpful Supporting Documentation Includes:(Typed on letterhead for ease of use.)

  • A diagnostic statement identifying the disability.
  • A description of the current functional impact of the disability.
  • (Currency will be evaluated based on the typical progression of the disability, its interaction with development across the life span, the presence or absence of significant events (since the date of the evaluation) that would impact functioning, and the applicability of the information to the current context of the request for accommodations in a post-secondary institution.)
  • Accommodations, assistive devices and /or services currently in use or successful in the past.
  • A description of the diagnostic criteria and/or diagnostic tests used.
    (Diagnostic methods used should be congruent with the disability and current professional practices within the field.)
  • The credentials of the diagnosing professional(s).
    (Information describing the certification, licensure, and/or the professional training of individuals conducting the evaluation should be provided. Please have typed on letterhead with signature)

Documentation guidelines for professionals

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