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State System, APSCUF Reach Tentative Agreement, Strike Ends

Late Friday afternoon, we received an announcement that the strike between the faculty union (APSCUF) and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has been settled. Faculty members will return to work effective midnight tonight. For students that have regularly scheduled classes this weekend, report as scheduled. All other students should follow their class schedules starting Monday, October 24.

Undergraduate Programs

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The Department of Sport Management offers a bachelor of science degree with a major in Sport Management.

This program prepares students for professional careers in the sports management industry.

The program provides students with many options and considerable flexibility in course selection, depending on interest and goals.

Course offerings are extensive and there are opportunities for internships in professional sports, college athletics, amateur and Olympic athletics, and recreation sport.

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

  1. Corequisite Courses: (18 credits total): ECON 111; ECON 112: MGT 200: MGT 204; chose (2) CMSTs from CMST 111, CMST 126, CMST 235, CMST 253
  2. Additional requirements: Upon completion of the above prerequisites:
    1. Students transferring into the program (on campus) must have a 2.5 overall quality point average and all grades ā€œCā€ or better in major and corequisites.
    2. SMGT 201 and all corequisites must be completed with a ā€œCā€ or better before 60 credits.
    3. Students majoring in Sport Management must fulfill the FIT requirements.
    4. Sport Management majors must attain an overall quality point average and a major point average of 2.5 for enrollment in SMGT 486 (internship) and graduation.
  3. Required Theory courses: (41 credits)SMGT 201, 302, 304, 346, 347, 408, 409, 440, 445, 447, 486 (12 credits)
  4. Elective courses: (8-12 credits) SMGT 209, 327, 402, 403, 405, 406