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Secondary Education (M.Ed.)

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The programs for certification in secondary education are designed for individuals who have successfully completed an undergraduate degree in an area other than education. The programs are planned and supervised by the Department of Professional and Secondary Education and by the department responsible for the academic major.

Candidates are urged to meet regularly with their advisers, one from Professional and Secondary Education, and another from the discipline department to ensure receiving certification in the most efficient manner.

Plan of Study

A total of 27 credits of professional course work are required plus a semester of Student Teaching which includes Practicum support sessions and a content Internship (13 credits).

Students must achieve and maintain the minimum requirements for admission to, and retention in, the certification programs as specified by the departments and the Teacher Education Council.

Required Courses:

  • PSED 510: The Teacher and the School Community
  • PSED 516: The Learner and the Learning Process
  • PSED 524: Teaching ELLs in the Diverse Classroom Setting
  • SPED 550: Nature and Needs of Exceptional Individuals
  • SPED 551: Inclusionary Practices
  • REED 528: Teaching Content Area Reading to Diverse Learners

The appropriate secondary education methods course (below) should be taken the two semesters before enrolling in Student Teaching. Methods courses are not offered every semester. Students are encouraged to take Seminar I before or concurrently with the "Teaching of...." courses. Seminar I and II may not be taken concurrently.

  • PSED 506: Teaching of English in Secondary Schools
  • PSED 517: Teaching of Foreign Language in Secondary Schools
  • PSED 536: Teaching of Mathematics in Secondary Schools
  • PSED 546: Teaching of Science in Secondary Schools
  • PSED 566: Teaching of Social Studies in Secondary Schools
  • PSED 520: Seminar in Secondary Education I
  • PSED 521: Seminar in Secondary Education II

Graduate level student teaching may not be used to fulfill Master of Education Degree requirements.

  • PSED 518: Student Teaching in Secondary Education: Middle School/Junior High School and
  • PSED 519: Student Teaching in Secondary Education: Senior High School

The two student teaching experiences will include a support program called Practicum. Arts and Science (Dept. Code 499): Internship in Student Teaching

Final completion requirements

Graduates who complete the required courses in one of the majors listed above, the professional education courses, the university requirements, and the state requirements are eligible to be recommended for certification to teach in their major in middle schools, junior high schools, and senior high schools within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Applications for certification are obtained from the PDE website.