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Recreation Services Management (B.S.)

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The Department of Recreation Services Management (RSM) can prepare students for a variety of career paths in recreation services settings. Our Bachelor of Science degree program was established in 1978.

The mission of the RSM program is to provide students with knowledge and skills needed for entry into the work force. An advisory council, comprised of expert practitioners in the Pocono region, offers input to the faculty. Their perspectives enable the faculty to be responsive to the changing needs of the work force. The program provides students options that are determined by their interests and goals.

Recreation and leisure pursuitss are an integral part of people’s lifestyles. Billions of dollars are spent annually on recreation programs and facilities in public, private and nonprofit recreation organizations. There is a growing need for qualified professionals to manage programs, facilities, and services in various agencies and businesses.

This is a service oriented career in which professionals work with people of all ages, backgrounds, and unique needs.

To succeed in this field one should value recreation and leisure services, have organization skills, initiative and energy, and enjoy working with people.

Employees who have skills developed in a college department such as ours, the Recreation Services Management Department, will prepare you to be successful in this dynamic and diverse field.