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Graduate Programs

The Reading Department offers courses in reading education that are required by the departments of Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Professional and Secondary Education, and Special Education.

All students are required to maintain a cumulative and major average as specified in PA law to take teacher education classes.

Program Outcomes

Candidates for the Reading Specialist Certification/Master of Education in Reading will:

  • Base their teaching on the major theories of reading and their relationship to various models of literacy instruction.
  • Develop a personal philosophy of literacy development and instruction.
  • Teach reading to K-12 students.
  • Work cooperatively and collaboratively with other professionals in planning programs to meet the needs of diverse populations of learners.
  • Put literacy theory into practice in a variety of educational contexts.
  • Integrate reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing across the curriculum.
  • Differentiate instruction based on students’ needs.
  • Use multiple, appropriate procedures to assess and evaluate students’ effort, progress, and achievement in literacy.
  • Investigate and implement research on current practices in literacy instruction.
  • Use technology and emerging literacies as natural components of teaching and learning.
  • Provide leadership in student advocacy.
  • Communicate and work collaboratively with parents, teachers, administrators, and community personnel in a literacy program.