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Spanish Immersion Week

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“CONEXIONES” - an Immersive Spanish Summer Camp

July 21th-July 25th, 2014

Great care and planning has gone into the formation of our program and participants will feel rewarded by the ease and confidence with which they will be able to communicate with one another. It is difficult to fully develop speaking and listening skills in a traditional classroom environment yet here, at ESU’s immersion camp, students will be surrounded by new friends who are all eager to practice their language skills. Fluency increases with a student’s comfort and confidence; let our supportive, encouraging staff and program bring these results to you.

Why Summer Spanish Camp?

Students interested in learning Spanish have a tremendous opportunity to fine-tune their skills, in a safe, academic and fun environment. This is a total language immersion program designed to provide many of the opportunities students have when studying abroad without ever leaving the country.

Our instructors are certified language teachers with extensive experience. The main focus of this camp is oral proficiency. We provide students the chance to interact with others of like ability in a fun, engaging and realistic manner. Students will reinforce the grammatical skills they have learned in the classroom while gaining both practice and confidence in their communication skills. Activities are carefully designed for the week and include countless conversational activities, cultural lessons, games, hunts, karaoke and much more.

Language camps are highly advisable for students who enjoy learning Spanish, plan on taking Spanish as a major or minor in college or plan of going abroad one day.

Registration Requirements

Our Spanish program is open to high school students who have completed at least one year of secondary school Spanish. Enrollment is limited. Applications will be considered in the order they are received. Early registration is highly advised.

Participants must be insured under a parent or guardian’s medical plan. Proof of insurance is required and must be submitted with the application. East Stroudsburg University follows the regulations of ADA (America Disabilities Act) but does not provide individual services during summer programs. Prior notification of disability is required.

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