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The Department of Mathematics offers three different majors as well as a minor and a concentration in actuarial science.

All classes for majors are taught by regular faculty members who have doctorates.

These classes for majors typically enroll thirty or fewer students allowing the student easy access to the instructor both in and outside of the classroom.

Appropriate technology, including graphing calculators and computer programs such as Mathematica©, Excel©, Geometers SketchPad© and MatLab©, are used in the classroom and for assignments.

Our most popular program is our B.S. in Mathematics – Secondary Education.

This is our longest standing program and reflects the University's origins as a Normal School.

Students who complete this program have an excellent pass rate on the PRAXIS exams and are eagerly recruited by secondary schools.

The B.A. in Mathematics offers the students a solid knowledge of mathematics and the flexibility to pursue studies in other areas of interest.

It prepares students for further study in mathematics as well as for employment in a variety of industrial and governmental areas.

Our newest program is the B.S. in Mathematics – Applied Mathematics.

This program combines a full major in mathematics together with a concentration in a specific application areas (biology, computer science, chemistry, physics or finance[good for students with an interest in Economics]).Students in this program typically are planning on entering the work force after graduation, but the solid core of mathematics that they complete also prepares them for further studies, especially in areas that are heavily dependent on applied mathematical skills.

Program Plans and Information

B. A. Mathematics
B. S. Mathematics with Concentration in Applied Biological Mathematics
B. S. Mathematics with Concentration in Applied Chemical Mathematics
B. S. Mathematics with Concentration in Applied Computer Science Mathematics
B. S. Mathematics with Concentration in Applied Financial Mathematics
B. S. Mathematics with Concentration in Applied Physical Mathematics
B. S. Mathematics (Secondary Education)
B. S. Mathematics (Secondary Education and B. S. Special Education)
Certification in Secondary Education Mathematics (For Those With a Bachelor's Degree)
Key Steps in the Certification Process
Minor in Mathematics
Minor in Applied Statistics
Minor in Mathematical Statistics
Concentration in Actuarial Science
Student Learning Outcomes for All ESU Mathematics Courses