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Women's Studies Minor

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Women's Studies is an academic minor that students may take in conjunction with any major course of study. Women's Studies examines the interplay of gender, race, class, and sexuality by focusing on the experience of women, the concept of gender, and the cultural productions by and about women within specific contexts and across various indentities and academic disciplines.

Students, when they take Women's Studies courses, are encouraged to connect personal experiences with the broader political picture. When they identify social ills or cultural and institutional practices that need improvement, they may develop strategies for change. The Women's Center puts these strategies into practice.

Our Mission

In keeping with the national women's studies movement and organizations, the mission of the Women's Studies Minor at East Stroudsburg University is to develop an interdisciplinary academic area of study that, through specialized focus courses, examines women's experiences, perspectives, and contributions to knowledge.

A complementary mission is to transform the educational curriculum and institution in order to include the scholarship, knowledge, and perspectives of women, and other historically oppressed groups, and to enable the equal participation of those groups in the educational process.

Women's Studies minor – 18 semester hours

  • Required courses: WMST 150, 495
  • Corequisites: 12 credits of Women Studies electives; ART 412; CMST 220; ENGL 183, 393 (Wharton / Austen / Morrison /Cather); HIST 253, 282; HLTH 408; SMGT 403; PHIL 260; POLS 243; PSY 292; RECR 241; SOC 345, 377, SOSW 325; THTR 320; WMST 200, 310, 350; or other courses in the Women's Studies as approved by Coordinator of Women's Studies.
  • At least six of the required 18 semester hours for the minor must be 300 to 400 level courses.
  • A field experience/internship option, WMST 486, is available as enhancement to the Women's Studies minor. These credits are in addition to the required 18 credit hours indicated above.