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Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A. & B.S.)

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An interdisciplinary program of study can be arranged to satisfy an educational objective of an individual student. Such programs may involve either two or three departments.

Normally a student must declare an interdisciplinary studies major before completing 60 credits (or before the completion of the first semester for students transferring in 60 or more credits).

Exceptions may be approved in extraordinary circumstances. In any case, the student must complete 30 credits after officially declaring an interdisciplinary studies major.

Application forms, available in the Center for Enrollment Services, require a student statement of the goals of the program and how it addresses the student's professional aspirations, a list of courses to be taken from each department, and dated signatures of the student, the chairperson of Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Studies, and the department chair of each cooperating department.

The completed form will be filed in the Center for Enrollment Services and copied to the student and each adviser.