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Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Welcome to the History Department's Home page at East Stroudsburg University!

ESU takes pride in being a teaching oriented institution with small, personalized classes.

In addition to teaching, many of the History Department faculty conduct scholarly research and publish in a variety of books, magazines and journals in their specific fields of history.

As the History Department at ESU continues to grow, a wide variety of diverse courses are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

The History Department provides both undergraduate and graduate students the unique experience of working closely with professors in a small setting, while still allowing them to pursue a degree that meets their personal needs.

The History Department offers concentrations in American and World History and Secondary Education Social Studies.

The program is highly valued because of its balanced combination of content, pedagogy, and high placement level.

The History Department provides students with the opportunity to apply for internships at local museums, historical societies, and local historical heritage sites.

At the graduate level, the department offers a Masters of Arts in History (M.A.) as well as a Masters of Education in History (M.Ed.).

Students enrolled in the M.Ed. program work closely with the College of Education to certify graduate students to teach at the secondary level.

Of the 14 Pennsylvania state universities, East Stroudsburg University was the first school to offer a graduate program in History.

The History Department has a rich and long-standing tradition in placing our best students in doctoral programs throughout the United States.